Washington German 
Shepherd Rescue

Adopting a German Shepherd Dog

Washington German Shepherd Rescue is an adoption and referral organization dedicated to placing neglected, abandoned or unwanted German Shepherds into caring, loving and permanent homes.

To adopt a dog through the Washington German Shepherd Rescue, you must first complete a detailed application form that asks why you want a German Shepherd, how you plan to care for the dog and what type of home you will provide. Please fill in the application and email it back to washingtonshepherds@yahoo.com. If we determine, that in our sole discretion, that you cannot provide a suitable home for a German Shepherd, you will be declined. You should hear from us within two days of sending in this application.

Adoption Application

The answers you provide on this application will help us determine the best possible match between you and the dogs available through the Washington German Shepherd Rescue. Please complete the below form in detail and submit it to Washington German Shepherd Rescue. Please notify us at washingtonshepherds@yahoo.com if you are having any difficulty submitting your application.

Applicant's Contact Information

Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Best time to call:

Employment Information

How long at your present job:

Personal Reference - please list someone other than a family member!

Years Known:
Home Phone:
Best time to call:

Home Environment Information

Do you live in a House Apartment Condo Trailer Other

Do you own or rent your home: Own Rent
If renting, please indicate that you have your landlord's permission to keep a dog, and list any size/weight/breed restrictions.
Landlord's contact information:

How long have you lived at this address:
Do you have fenced yard: Yes No
Type & Height of Fence:
Does fencing completely enclose a yard for a dog? Yes No
If no fence, how will you handle the dogs exercise and potty needs, etc.?
How many adults in the household?
How many children?
Age and sex of the children:

Do you or does anyone in your family have allergies? Yes No
Are all family members in agreement about adopting a German Shepherd? Yes No
Do you own cats? Yes No
How many?
Are they indoor, outdoor or both? Indoor Outdoor Both
Are they spayed or neutered? Yes No
Other animals?

**Please include a copy of your lease
**If you live in a condominium/co-op, or your house is part of a homeowners association, please provide a copy of the bylaws, rules and regulations of such organization stating that there are no restrictions regarding owning a dog. If there is a limit on the number of pets you are allowed, please note the limit on the copy of the bylaws.

Pet Ownership Information

Do you have a regular veterinarian? Yes No
Name of Veterinarian for current and/or previously owned animals:
Address and Phone of Veterinarian:
Can WGSR contact your veterinarian? Yes No

How many dogs and cats have you owned in the last 15 years?

For all dogs & cats that you presently own, list name, age, sex, breed, spay/neuter status & how long you have owned them:

For all dogs you have previously owned list name, age, sex, breed, spay/neuter status and what happened to the dogs.

Have you ever had to re-home a dog or a cat, if so explain:

Did you take your previous pets to obedience? Yes No

If you have a current dog, would you describe him as being alpha or submissive to other dogs? Answer & explain:

Describe your ideal dog:

Have you owned a German Shepherd before: Yes No

Briefly describe your GSD experience:

Why did you choose this breed:

In your research of this breed, is there anything that might be an issue for you:

List all the plans for this pet: Guard Hunting Obedience Herding Agility Watch dog Family Pet Other

Do you want to adopt a male or female: Male Female No preference

Where will the dog spend the day & explain for each: Please check all that apply Loose Indoors Crate Basement Garage Fenced Yard Outdoor Kennel Outdoor Covered Kennel Dog Door

On average, how many hours, will the dog spend without human company each day?

Where will the dog spend the night & explain for each: Please check all that apply Loose Indoors Crate Basement Garage Fenced Yard Outdoor Kennel Outdoor Covered Kennel Dog Door

Do you agree to license this dog and give him/her regular health care? Yes No

Do you agree to contact the Washington German Shepherd Rescue if you can no longer keep this dog? Yes No

Would you be willing for someone from the Washington German Shepherd Rescue to visit your home by appointment? Yes No

In situations where we do not have a dog that fits your needs, may we share your application with other rescue organizations?

Are you interested in a particular dog? If so, which one?

Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter? Yes No

All of the above information I have given is true and complete. If I adopt a dog from the Washington German Shepherd Rescue, the dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide him/her with adequate water, a high quality dog food, shelter, training, affection and medical care. I understand that the Washington German Shepherd Rescue is a referral service and is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the habits, temperament, or physical condition of the dogs available for adoption. I understand it is my responsibility to evaluate a dog for myself before agreeing to adopt him/her. I am in full agreement of the terms of the adoption. The Washington German Shepherd Rescue shall not be liable for, and is hereby relieved from, all liability for any damage, expenses, causes of action, fines, suits, demands, judgments, or claims of any nature whatsoever arising from or by any reason of any damage to property or injury to any persons caused in whole or in part during the visitation of the dog up for adoption AND a dog placed in your home. I hereby accept and assume such liability and agree to protect, indemnify and hold the Washington German Shepherd Rescue harmless from and against all of the aforesaid.

Completing and returning this document constitutes your permission for us to check references.

Application Signature:

Both parties agree that this application can be executed by the applicant and sent to Washington German Shepherd Rescue via hand delivery, US Mail, Federal Express or any other recognized overnight delivery service or by email. If the applicant would like to send the document via email, applicant and the Washington German Shepherd Rescue both agree that the applicants signature is valid and binding upon the parties.

Thank you for contacting Washington German Shepherd Rescue.
We look forward to working with you.

Our hours are by appointment only. Refer to the dogs profile for his contact person. IF WE FIND YOU TO BE A GOOD MATCH YOU WILL BE CONTACTED typically within 72 hours. YOU WILL HEAR FROM US ONLY IF WE FIND YOU TO BE A GOOD MATCH FOR ONE OF OUR FOSTER BABIES AND OUR ADOPTION GUIDELINES/PROGRAM. WE MUST REVIEW A COMPLETED APPLICATION BEFORE A POSSIBLE APPOINTMENT IS ARRANGED. NO EXCEPTIONS. All visits with the puppies/dogs are by approved applications and appointments only.

*************** We reserve the right to refuse any adoption without justification and not all applications or inquiries may receive a response. ***************